• Students are responsible for bringing their laptops, fully charged, to school each day.
  • Laptops are to be used in the classrooms as directed by teachers.
  • Laptops and batteries are assigned to an individual student. The laptops and batteries should be in the student’s possession or secured properly 在任何时候. Students should never “swap” or “share” their computers or batteries with another student.
  • Students must never share their passwords with other students. Passwords must always be kept confidential. Students are responsible for saving or backing up their documents to the server, 电脑硬盘, 或者一个便携式u盘. 
  • Students participating in activities that are not conducive to using their laptops (i.e.、实地考察、组装等.), are required to leave the laptops in their 储物柜 or other designated secure location.

Students who 1) fail to charge their laptops or 2) forget to bring their laptops to school may receive a loaner laptop from our 技术办公室. However, they will be issued an infraction. Students with three infractions in the same month will be eligible for discipline (see below). 也, any student who checks out a loaner laptop must return the device by 3:05 pm that same day or incur another infraction. This means that a student who borrows a laptop and fails to return it that day will be issued two infractions.


The progressive discipline steps are as follows:

3 infractions in a month - Detention



The costs to replace miscellaneous parts that are damaged by the user, lost or 偷来的:  These will be charged to your 事实 account.


●Chromebook: 340美元.00 




●Stylus Pen: 15美元.00




A student who believes that there is an issue with his/her laptop or charger that prevents proper charging of the device should seek assistance within the Technology office as soon as possible.


1:1 Chromebook Program Terms of Use




ob欧博体育 will provide Chromebooks and network capabilities to ob欧博体育 students for the purpose of enhancing their educational experience. 




Students and their families will be responsible for any cost incurred due to lost, 偷来的, or damaged equipment and accessories.  学生有责任, 在任何时候, for proper use of the network and equipment provided to him/her. 


May keep a Google account as long as he or she is a student at AHS

May use the internet to research assigned classroom projects;

May use the internet to send e-mails and access Google classroom and other classroom sites;

Agrees to protect his or her password;

Agrees that NONE of his or her communications and information accessible through the AHS Network is considered private or confidential.  ob欧博体育 reserves the right to access all user accounts, 在任何时候, including student email accounts.




The Chromebook is an educational tool and should only be used in accordance with ob欧博体育.  一次发布, the student and consenting parent or guardian are responsible for the Chromebook and accessories 在任何时候.

AHS is not responsible for Chromebooks assigned to students that have been left in the classroom, 走廊, 储物柜, 或者更衣室;

The student is the only authorized user of his/her assigned Chromebook.  Never trade or share computers;

Do not remove AHS applied labels, tags, or other identifiers;

Chromebooks must be brought to school daily, fully charged, and with the power cord and stylus pen;

Chromebooks are the property of ob欧博体育.  如果你退出或离开AHS, you must immediately return the Chromebook or your 事实 account will be charged the full amount of the device and accessories. 




Use the Chromebook on a flat, stable surface.

Never use liquid cleaners, such as Windex, to clean the screen.  Instead, use a dry, soft lint-free cloth. You can also use packaged pre-moistened cleaning tissues designed for electronics.

Do not mark the Chromebook in any way with markers, stickers, or other damaging materials.

Kelp all food and drinks away from the Chromebook.

Avoid placing or dropping heavy objects on the top of the Chromebook.

Chromebook lids should always be closed and tightly secured when moving. Do not carry your Chromebook while the screen is open. 

Do not carry your Chromebook on the screen or corner of the device.

Chromebook screens can be easily damaged! The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen. 

Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid. 

The port on the power adapter is fragile – insert and remove with care every time. 


Chromebook Transport and Home Use:


If carrying your Chromebook in your backpack, avoid sharp objects in your backpack around your Chromebook, and avoid throwing away your backpack or leaving it in places where it can be accidentally kicked. 

Keep all food and drinks away from the Chromebook. 

Do not leave the Chromebook in an automobile. Computers cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold and may become damaged. 

Failing to bring the Chromebook to class daily will result in the inability to participate in classwork, 家庭作业, 和项目. 



ob欧博体育 does not provide home access to the Internet.  

AHS content filter is not applied in home settings and parents/guardians accept full responsibility for monitoring their child’s Internet use. AHS shall not be responsible for a student obtaining access to inappropriate Internet sites or improper use of the computer or mobile device due to his or her parent/guardian’s failure to properly supervise the student’s use of the computer or mobile device. 

If a student returns to school without the assigned Chromebook, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately and agrees to bring the Chromebook to school. 

Replacement costs or repair costs for damage that occurs to the Chromebook and any provided accessories while the student participates in the 1:1 Chromebook Program are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.



If the Chromebook is 偷来的 or lost, the parent/guardian of the student shall notify the Technology Department at ob欧博体育 that the device is 偷来的 or lost within twenty-four (24) hours of the loss or 盗窃. In the event that a lost Chromebook is not recovered within five (5) business days from the date of the loss, the parent/guardian shall be responsible for the computer’s or mobile device’s replacement.


Unacceptable Uses of Network or Chromebook:

Improper use of the AHS Network is prohibited. Actions that constitute unacceptable uses of the AHS Network and are not specifically addressed elsewhere in this policy include, 但不限于: 

AHS网络的使用, 或支持, any illegal purposes. 

AHS网络的使用, 或支持, any obscene or pornographic purposes including, 但不限于, the retrieving or viewing of any sexually explicit material. If a student authorized user inadvertently accesses such information, he or she should immediately disclose the inadvertent access to a teacher or to the school principal. This will protect the user against allegations of intentionally violating this policy. 

 AHS网络的使用 soliciting or distributing information with the intent to incite violence, cause personal harm or bodily injury or harass or “stalk” another individual. 

Using Internet tools such as discussion boards, 聊天室, and instant messaging for personal rather than educational purposes. 

使用亵渎, 淫秽, or language that is generally considered offensive or threatening to persons of a particular race, 性别, 宗教, 性取向, 或者对残疾人. 

Plagiarizing any information gained on or through the use of the AHS Network or any other network access provider. 

使用受版权保护的材料, 包括商业软件, without the permission of the copyright holder, 这违反了国家的规定, 联邦, or international copyright laws. (If students are unsure whether or not they are using materials in violation of copyright provisions, they should ask their teachers or a school technology coordinator for assistance. School-based personnel is encouraged to contact the Technology office if they have questions regarding the use of copyrighted materials found through the AHS Network.)



技术费用$200.00 per student per academic year:  The purpose of the technology fee is to acquire, install and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies to enhance student-learning outcomes. 所有的硬件, 软件, and databases procured with these revenues are to support student learning experiences.


Examples of technology tuition fee usage include, but is not limited to:


Our 5 computer labs on campus/  1:1 technology (Chromebook and accessories)

Staff training, technical support 


Access to broadband internet and telecommunication services

Is this just a program to buy a computer through school?

No. 学校拥有电脑. Students participating in this program will be given a computer that they will use in their classes for instruction. 不仅仅是记笔记, the use of the computer is incorporated into all aspects of the class: classwork, 家庭作业, & 评估. Students develop 21st-century skills, collaborating with students around the corner and around the world. 

Why would I want my child to spend more time on the computer?

今天, we understand that digital spaces are social spaces; thus, intensive users of technology are extremely social today. 在未来, students will interact socially and professionally in ways that are difficult to imagine. 在这个节目中, students have the opportunity to practice digital social skills within the context of supervised regular school work. Habits acquired in this environment are translatable to future social and professional situations. 

What if there is a problem with this computer?

Students receive on-site, real-time tech support at ob欧博体育.  If the technology department can't immediately fix the student's computer, we will give them a loaner laptop. 此外, the fact that the technical support is school-based, your son or daughter assumes the responsibility of resolving issues, becoming more self-assured and independent in the process. 


A Chromebook computer, AC adapter/power supply, stylus pen, and on-site tech support. 

What happens if the computer does not work or is accidentally damaged?

Computers obtained through ob欧博体育 come with a manufacturer's warranty which covers any hardware-related problems due to the manufacturer’s defect. The AHS Technology Department will coordinate hardware repairs with the manufacturer. While the machine is being repaired, the student will be given a replacement computer. 

Who bears the risk of 偷来的, damaged Chromebooks?

Students and parents(s) shall bear the risk of loss of a lost, 偷来的, or damaged computer or accessories due to accident, 忽视, or negligence from the date the student receives the computer until the return of the computer to ob欧博体育, and shall be liable to ob欧博体育 for the replacement cost and other damages caused by such loss, 盗窃, 或因意外事故造成的损坏, 忽视 or negligence ob欧博体育 strongly recommends parents personally insure the computer on their own personal homeowners or renters policy as a rider, 如果有必要的话, 为了支付这些费用. Repair of a computer that is accidentally damaged - dropped, 洒在, 被电涌击中的, 等. (what is referred to as "end-user damage") - will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. 


The costs to replace miscellaneous parts that are damaged by the user, lost or 偷来的:  These will be charged to your 事实 account.


●Chromebook: 340美元.00 




●Stylus Pen: 15美元.00




如果修复是软件相关的, the computer will be restored to its original 软件 configuration free of charge.

Hardware upgrades or modifications to the computer are not allowed. Should modifications be made to the computer, such modifications will become the property of ob欧博体育. ob欧博体育 has the right to restore the computer to its original state whenever we feel it is appropriate and necessary. Anything that is loaded on the local drive will be deleted. Students are responsible for backing up their files to a USB flash drive or external hard drive provided by the student.


Just to make sure, if there is a problem that is due to a manufacturing defect, do I have to pay?

All repair of defective hardware is covered under the manufacturer's warranty and is of no cost to you. 

If I drop the unit and crack the screen or spill water on it, do I have to pay? All end-user damage and accidental damage are 100% the responsibility of the family.

Will textbooks be available online?

We will be introducing e-text, digital resources, and an online curriculum throughout the year. Some classes will also use a physical textbook with the computer.

Will computers be used in each class every day?

We do not promote the use of technology for technology's sake. The computer provides spontaneous, active learning through Internet research, 数据收集与分析, 和协作. The use of the computer in class will depend on the content area and the appropriateness of technology for the lesson being taught. It is expected that the type and frequency of use will vary according to the curriculum. Students will also take advantage of the anywhere-anytime learning possibilities of the computer as well as using it outside of the classroom environment.

Can my child bring the computer home at night and on weekends?

是的. The computer is for the student’s use at school and home. All data and personal 软件 are the responsibility of the student. 


The computer has a primary battery that has an expected life of 7-9 hours. Students are required to plug in their computers each night so that they will have fully charged batteries for the next school day.



Can you help me set up my home printer, wireless, network connection, 等.? No. We cannot be responsible for supporting any devices or networks outside of the school. You may want to call a local fee-for-service Tech 支持 Company such as Geek Squad for assistance with home tech services.


What happens to my child’s files if something happens to the computer or hard drive, for example? Students are responsible for their data.